Be unique is a choice

Alain Delon and Jeau-Paul Belmondo in "Borsalino", 1970


Who would like 3 weeks of delivery shoes?

You know why ?

The attention to the details

Our loafers require for some a large number of hours of work. 

Our difference is created on our unique models for each gentleman. You will find your name engraved on the sole and others details.

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About us

Once upon a time, a country boy was at his grandmother's house when she asked him to go get some bread. He ran to the bakery and saw a man of great elegance on the other side of the street. This gentleman, dressed high fashion, was accompanied by a beautiful woman standing next to a white Rolls Royce. The kid admired the attitude of the man and also what he wore, from top to bottom, and saw that the man was wearing loafers!

He felt madly in love with his shoes! The man passed by and the kid went home with this image in his head. He then had a vision coming from the future : he just seemed like the gentleman with beautiful loafers that he saw.

He spoke to his grandmother. She gave the challenge to this ambitious kid to create his own loafers.


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Philippo : "The shoes are made extremely well and I love the patent leather ! I wore them to my wedding!"

Nicola : "Big fan ! the lovellest loafers I’ve ever bought, definitely not going to be my last Mocha pair !"

Aldo : "It's like wearing slippers ! Flexible !"

Pandisco : " I never bought a pair like this one, and Im really satisfied about it ! "

Sydney : "Big fan of double buckles !"

John : " Light and confortable !"

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